Bryan’s House is currently providing robust COVID-19 crisis intervention and triage for crisis-caught families, with one or more children at home with special needs, while we shelter in place. All onsite classes are being conducted virtually.

Emergency Funding

With our COVID-19 FUND, we are meeting emergency needs - providing our families with rental, utility, telephone and transportation and other basic items as necessary.

Mental Health

  • The mental health of our families is so important to us. We have a 24-7 hotline for crisis intervention. Click here to email Marilyn Quinones for more info.
  • We are also taking new cases where a psycho-social assessment of the parenting problem/needs of the family is being conducted.
  • Using a person-centered approach, our case management team has been monitoring progress toward family self-sufficiency during this challenging time using a customized plan .

Vital Services

  • Connecting families to primary care providers and medical homes.
  • Linking families to specialty care and therapeutic services that is accessible and affordable.
  • Coaching families during this emergency about financial planning and budgeting.
  • Being advocates for kids’ services and guidance for parents on navigating systems to ensure they are being heard, especially now when so much is unknown.
  • We are robustly helping clients who lost their jobs recently because of COVID-19. We are helping them find jobs, search for training, and giving them one-on-one assistance with resume writing and job-readiness skills.
  • We have been holding emergency drive thru’s— providing distribution of food, diapers, hygiene products and other essential items.
  • We are also providing clients with access to other goods and services through collaborations with our community partners.
  • Our bilingual services (English and Spanish) have been vital and are always available for families with or without insurance.

We are still here.

We are still changing trajectories for life for children with special needs.

We are keeping them safe at home.