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When Sam was four-years-old the daycare where he was attending suggested that he get tested for autism.  The testing confirmed that he did have autism; but the daycare informed his mother, Kimberly, that they could no longer accommodate his needs.

Quickly Kimberly began searching the internet for a child care facility that could care for children with special needs.  Her search led her straight to Bryan’s House.  “At first it seemed too good to be true,” Kimberly said.  “I assumed they wouldn’t be accepting new children or we wouldn’t qualify somehow.  Everyone was so great and understanding of our situation, and I felt assured that we were in good hands.”

Following the assessment Sam was admitted into the Early Childhood Education Program. Staff and teachers soon meet with Kimberly and together they created a care plan.  Sofia, Sam’s younger sister was also  enrolled, which according to Kimberly, significantly improved their lives by allowing the  siblings be together.

Sam is now seven-years-old, Sofia is three, Kimberly, and her husband, continue to see dramatic changes in Sam and in their lives.  “The school bus would drop him off at Bryan’s House after school, and his speech therapist would meet him at the facility. They had everything to accommodate his needs, including a therapy room and a library.  In the three plus years that he has been at Bryan’s House he has flourished in his social skills and independent abilities.  Not only has Bryan’s House been a great influence in my children’s lives, they have gone above and beyond to provide a safe, fun and educational environment for our children.”

Support from individuals, foundations, corporations and government grants allows Bryan’s House to meet the specific individual needs of children and families just like Kimberly, Sam, and Sofia.


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