Jessica’s Journey

Jessica began child care at Bryan’s House in February of 2016. Her parents were excited to have finally found a place that could meet Jessica’s medically fragile needs. She had an NG Tube and was not ready to participate in group activities. She was a very fragile child, having multiple diagnoses including hydrocephalus, hypoplasia, and a heart condition, to name a few. She could not crawl or walk and was unable to communicate effectively. Her first two weeks, she cried every day, all day. Jessica no longer cries when she’s dropped off or throughout the day. Sometimes she cries when her parents pick her up, because she’s not ready to go home! Jessica is able to get Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies during the week here at Bryan’s House which has allowed her parents to be able to remain at their jobs during the day.  Jessica has learned to communicate with her teachers and friends through sign and simple speech. She is fully mobile and gets into everything, like a two-year-old should. Jessica now likes to help other children in the classroom who experience difficulties with communication or mobility. We have to remind her that she cannot do everything for them, because they need to learn to do it for themselves. Although she still deals with serious health complications, she is happy and loves her friends and teachers.

The Nueva Family

nuevasThe Nueva family was at risk of losing their home when they came to Bryan’s House. Their five year old son, Jason, was born with spina bifida and requires constant medical attention. Through our Family Support Services Program, Bryan’s House was able to transition the family into stable housing. Their case manager assisted them in securing food for the holidays, helped them develop a working budget and Jason was given a brand new bed and mattress for Christmas thanks to our generous Adopt-a-Family donors. The family also has access to our monthly Respite Care–where Jason and his two year old sister receive medically managed child care. The Nuevas are excited to welcome the New Year in their new home and have a positive outlook for the year to come.

The Nuevas are just one of the 238 families we served this past year. Today, we have 10 other families similar to Jason’s on our wait list. Your donation can help us provide services for them.