Masking Tape
Baby Formula (Similac Total Comfort)
Packing Tape
Large Elmer’s Glue (no glue sticks)
Black Sharpies
Large Hair Jel (art activity)
Butcher Paper (pastel colors) – Discount School Supply or Lakeshore School Supply
Hand Sanitizer
Ink Pens (BLACK)
Copy Paper
Clear Contact Paper Rolls
Soft Kleenex
2 inch binders (Preferably blue or black) – 12 per classroom
Bottle water
Snacks (any kind for Teachers)
Zip lock bags (all sizes)
Clorox Wipes
Baby wipes (large containers)
Poster boards (white)
Baking soda (art activity)
Dry Erase Markers /Eraser

Food Coloring
Batteries (AA, AAA, C , D)
3 Tablets (for classroom pictures/Teacher training)
Shaving Cream (sensory activities)
Wall Clock/cheap for classroom
3 Wagons for outside activities – Discount School Supply/Lakeshore School Supply
Memory card for Kodak AF 5x 33MM Camera
Felt (any color)
Spray Bottles (art activities and to sanitize toys)
Lysol Spray
Sta Flo Liquid Starch (12 BOTTLES)
Pull Ups – Size 5 & 6 for boys and girls
Boys & girls underwear (size 5, 6, 7)

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